Aura/Chakra Photos


Get your aura photo with a customized 23 page report that includes;

  • Full color photo of you and your Aura showing the radiance of your energy field.
  • Visual image of your full body aura and your entire chakra system.
  • Explanation of your main aura color, which reflects your personality type and characteristics.
  • Overview of the significance of the size and shape of your chakras.
  • The level of activity or energy in each chakra, which accurately indicates strengths and weaknesses.
  • Your overall chakra balance.
  • Bio-Data analysis including your yin-yang or male-female energy balance.
  • Mind-Body-Spirit balance ratios to show if you are more mental, physical or spiritual.
  • Emotion-Meter which indicates your level of emotional balance.
  • State of Mind/Body Graph which indicates if you are stressed or relaxed.
  • Energy Level Graph, which measures your vibrational field in the energy channels of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms.
  • Detailed interpretations of the various areas of your personal auric field, including the balance or dominance of your right (yang) side, your left (yin) side, above and beneath your body.

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Troy spends 45 minutes of personalized time with you to explain YOUR OWN Aura and Chakras based on YOUR PHOTO! He sends you home with a very detailed 23 page report ALL ABOUT YOU! This report is intended for you to take home for further study and self-improvement. Our mission is to empower you with knowledge that will assist you to achieve good health and balance in your life.

Aura Photo Sessions cost $45. They include your photo and a 23 page report. They are done at 1304 North State Street in Orem, Utah 84057.

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Aura Imaging Technology

This is made possible through Inneractive Inc. We are using their Aura Video Station Digital 5.1 system. This system is an educational tool that reveals measured biofeedback data via graphs, meters and aura-chakra images to the client. It is an excellent tool in determining the overall Mind-Body-Spirit condition of a client.

The Aura Video System uses very sophisticated biofeedback sensors to measure your emotional-energetic state. Biofeedback has a long history and has been researched in depth over the last 50 years. Inneractive Aura Video Systems show an actual representation of  your Aura and Chakras. It is a high end biofeedback system with real-time biofeedback, data graphs, and Aura and Chakra graphs. We offer you a 21 page Aura Chakra Analysis Report, a full body aura chakra image and an aura photo headshot that uses actual data measured from your body, mind and spirit.

How does the Aura Video Station relate to the Mind-Body-Spirit connection?

It is common knowledge, that our thoughts and emotions have a very powerful effect and influence on our physical body. The science of neuro-immunology has studied the Mind-Body-Spirit connection extensively. Let’s look at the science of energetic and mind-body-spirit medicine to understand the relationship between our body, our mind and our aura and chakras. In the last decades it has become clear that our mind, our thoughts and our emotions play a vital role in our physical well-being.

There has been a tremendous demand for complementary and alternative medicine. Patients decide that many conventional treatments did either not work for them or produced too many side effects. Therefore therapies and treatments like Reiki, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and many others are popular as ever. Most complementary therapies use a model that somehow includes a connection between the body, the mind and the spirit. Even conventional medicine like neuro-immunology and psychiatry are slowly starting to integrate mind-body-spirit knowledge, and have started studying this phenomenon. Mind-Body connection means, that our psyche, emotions and mind do have a powerful influence over our body. There is a connection between our mind and our body via the brain and our nervous system, and many symptoms are influenced by our emotional and mental condition.

The aura or energy field basically reflects this connection between body, mind and spirit. Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are mirrored or reflected in the aura, and therefore the aura and chakras can be used to determine the underlying issues related to physical symptoms. Your aura and chakras reflect your emotional-energetic wellness and therefore can be used as a true holistic indicator of body-mind-spirit wellness.


The Aura is an electromagnetic energy field formed by subtle color radiances, which surround the body of a human being. Each color signifies a certain vibration, which has different meanings. We all have an aura that extends out our body. A large and clear aura indictaes a powerful radiance which other people can feel as your charisma. A small and dark aura can indicate a low evergy caused by a physical or an emotional state. Every color has its unique qualities and purposes. Imagine a color wheel. Each color is a location on the wheel. No color is better than another. Each has its inherent lessons, its positive and challenging traits. Remember, there are not “good” or “bad” Aura, just different ones.

What is a Chakra?

“Chakra” means wheel or lotus flower in Sanskrit. Each chakra is aligned to one of the major endocrine glands, nerve centers and organs of the body. The chakras are transmitters for the subtle life force from the universe that enters the physical body at birth. When in balance each of the seven major chakras helps a particular part of the body to function perfectly. When unbalanced or blocked a whole range of mental, emotional and physiological conditions can manifest. To learn more about your Chakra System please see the Chakra workshops that are offered through Healing Light Training Center.

Aura Photo Sessions cost $45. They include your photo and a 23 page report ALL ABOUT YOU! They are done at 1304 North State Street in Orem, Utah 84057.

Call Troy at 801-360-2445