Knowledge is power! Discovering your true potential and reconnecting with your Spirit can be a beautiful journey!

Reiki Levels I & II

No experience necessary to begin your healing journey with Usui Holy Fire II Reiki! This is a powerful 2-day workshop for self-improvement, holistic healing, and spiritual awakening. See class outline, upcoming class dates, registration info, and more by clicking on the link below!

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Usui Holy Fire II ART/Master Level comes after Reiki I & II.

Are you ready to amp up your Reiki with Holy Fire II Ignitions? This 3-day training includes the Advanced Reiki Techniques Class (also called ART)….. plus the Master Class. You will learn how to give all Usui Holy Fire Reiki attunements, Holy Fire Ignitions, plus an extra healing attunement, play with crystals, learn aura clearing plus more more more……See class outline and upcoming dates by clicking on the link below!

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Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master Class

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki is a high energy 3 day intensive.
“Lisa’s Holy Fire Karuna Reiki class was my very favorite Reiki class of all. We learned eight new healing symbols. The Karuna Reiki symbols are beautiful and so powerful for healing. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone wanting to take their Reiki to a higher level of healing.” Ruth Z. Utah

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Tuesday Night Chakra Journey!

Offered one Tuesday of every month. I will take you through your chakras one at a time. Cost is only $30. Class hours are 6:30pm to 9:00pm. Class curriculum includes energizing discussions, healing meditations, powerful drum journeys, insightful worksheets, and cool people! Bring light into your life by learning new tools, thoughts, ideas, and techniques. These classes are designed to help you become the person consciously in charge of your life!!

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Chakra Drumming Workshop

No Pre-Requisites! Everyone 13 years old and up is invited! This hands-on workshop teaches you how to use the sound waves from the hand drum to clear stuck energy from the aura and chakra system. Numerous health benefits occur including deep relaxation and stress relief. Be sure to see class outline, class dates, and more healing benefits of drumming by clicking on the link above!

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Chakra 101

Is ALL ABOUT YOU! When energy is obstructed you feel constricted, sickly, depressed, confused, fearful, disconnected and dis-empowered. A healthy Chakra System is your key to having good health. To know thyself is to heal thyself. Take your power back! BE healthy and happy! This class offers excellent take-home material for further home study!

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