Chakra 101

To know thyself is to heal thyself, and this is the pathway to enlightenment! Register Now

“I am PASSIONATE about teaching Chakra 101. I believe every elementary school should have health classes that include Chakra Anatomy!” Lisa StarAhna

Everyone is welcome, no pre-requisites! I am currently teaching a chakra class the 3rd Tuesday of every month that is temporarily replacing this 1 day Chakra 101 Class described below. See more details by clicking on the page for “Tuesday Night with Healing Light”.

For each of the 7 main chakra centers, you will learn what it’s element is, the color it resonates with, the specific crystals and essential oils to use, the emotions and spiritual lessons associated, the physical characteristics and the psychological aspects. This is a Fun and Enlightening journey! You will work with the power of affirmations and learn about your own chakra health through self-discovery worksheets. These worksheets will assist you to recognize when a chakra is out of balance and also give you the opportunity to be more aware of why you do the things you do and how to actually make healthy changes!

This class provides you with my colorful spiral bound 91 page “Chakra 101 Workbook”. I created this book after 10 years of doing my own personal chakra healing hence discovering applicable and hands-on methods for chakra cleansing and balancing. This workbook is designed for you to take home and go through your own chakra system one at a time, at your own pace.

To know thyself is to heal thyself, and this is the pathway to enlightenment!

  • 7th Chakra relates to Divine Wisdom, Higher Self, Life Path
  • 6th Chakra relates to your Vision, Psychic Intuition, Spiritual Guidance
  • 5th Chakra relates to your Communication, Aligning Choices with Divine Will
  • 4th Chakra relates to Love, Compassion, Forgiveness
  • 3rd Chakra relates to your Self Esteem, Self Control, Joy, Courage
  • 2nd Chakra relates to your Relationships, Creativity, Sexuality, Work
  • 1st Chakra relates to your Foundation, Physical Health, Money

Class Information

Tuition – $175. Students must pre-register with $175 check or you can use Pay-Pal. Your tuition includes information packed student workbook including worksheets.

Class Times – 9:00am – 6:00pm

Lunch – We will break for 1 hour at approximately 1:00. We have several restaurants and health food stores within minutes of classroom location.

Pre-Requisites – Only a desire to improve your health and KNOW THYSELF!

Location – Orem, Utah 84058 (Exact address and directions will be emailed to you after you register)

Find out what your own personal chakras look like! Schedule your appointment with Troy to have your Aura/Chakra Photo taken. Call or text him at 801-360-2445. The cost is $45 and includes a fun and informative 22-page report ALL ABOUT YOU! Click on the link below for more info.

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About Chakras

My intention in creating this program is to empower you with knowledge that will raise your level of self-awareness and will assist you to heal mental and emotional pain, physical issues and spiritual disconnection. There are four levels of healing: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In this workshop, you will learn how to tune into all four levels of healing through your Chakra System. Each Chakra is located at a specific site throughout your body. Each governs particular body parts and organs, particular parts of your personality, as well as your psychological and emotional make-up.

When balanced, your Chakra System provides powerful benefits to you and your health. Your Chakra System is a part of your anatomy, just like you have your muscular system, your digestive system, circulatory system, and so forth. This workshop focuses on your 7 Major Chakras which are shown in this photograph to your left. The photo is an actual client’s photograph taken by Troy using our Aura Photography system. (Troy 801-360-2445)

The word “chakra” comes from the Sanskrit language meaning “wheel” or “disk” because they are spinning wheels of light or energy.  Your 7 major chakras are located along your spine, starting at the base or tailbone area, and moving upwards to the crown of your head. They are each found next to a hormonal gland and they radiate energy constantly. Although each chakra is closely associated with a specific organ or endocrine gland, these spinning vortexes of energy are part of your subtle energy anatomy. The fact that we usually cannot physically detect our chakras is because they operate as energy fields vibrating at a rate that is undetectable by the human eye and brain. However, this is not always the case, there are many psychic healers and very highly-sensitive people who can see auras and chakra centers.

Furthermore, using technology developed from the NASA space program, Dr. Valorie Hunt has scientifically verified that not only does chakra energy exist, but that they are in fact, connected in a very real way to our sensations, feelings and thoughts. For example, if you hold negative or fear-based thoughts and feelings, your chakras become dense and clogged. They cannot push through sufficient energy. This leaves you feeling tired and out of balance because these vital energy centers govern the regulation of your life force. Psychologically, the chakras correspond to major areas of our lives: money and survival in the 1st chakra, sex and creativity in the 2nd, personal power in the 3rd, love in the 4th, communication in the 5th, imagination and perception in the 6th, and spirituality in the 7th.

Each center also correlates to an essential spiritual lesson or life lesson we must learn. Every thought and experience you’ve ever had in your life gets filtered through these Chakra databases and is imprinted in your cells. In addition to corresponding to glands in the endocrine system, our Chakras also represent the elemental forces of earth, water, fire, air, sound, light and thought. Each chakra resonates at a different energetic frequency and corresponds to a specific color of the rainbow.

Upcoming Class Dates

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