Reiki Drumming I

Reiki Drumming I

Given by Lisa Ross-Walker, Reiki Master Instructor

Check your calenders NOW! This class is offered only 3 times per year and is available to all students with at least Level 2 Reiki. (all lineages honored)

 In this active hands-on two day class you will learn and experience:

  • Honoring the 7 sacred directions
  • A guided Reiki drum journey to find and reclaim your voice
  • Group drumming
  • Reiki drumming attunement
  • A guided Reiki drum journey to welcome the Spirit of your drum
  • Reiki symbols and drum therapy
  • How to give a complete Reiki drumming session on clients and yourself
  • Recoding unhealthy mental and emotional patterns
  • Creating, affirming, and integrating positive change through sound

If you are interested in exploring your ability to heal and manifest with sound, this Reiki Drumming Class is a good place to start. Absolutely everyone has the talent and ability to drum! NO musical experience necessary!

Pre-requisite – Reiki I/II………All lineages are welcome!

Tuition – $350 total and includes a detailed class manual with your own Reiki Drum! Practice time is included for all the topics listed above.

Tuition For Reiki Refreshers – Only $1oo for all students of Healing Light Reiki Center to come back and review any previously taken Reiki Class! AND, after your first review you can attend the same class FREE as many times as you would like to! Reiki Refreshers are a fun way to connect with like minded people. Repetition is a great learning tool and each class is unique offerring new ideas and beautiful new ways of healing with Reiki.

Deposit – $150 payment will reserve your space and your drum with the remaining balance due by the 1st day of class. Deposits are non refundable and may be transferred to future classes within 1 year.

Class times – 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

Lunch- A one-hour lunch break is given. We have many nearby fast-food options, nice restaurants and natural health food stores within 10 minutes driving distance. Or bring your own sack lunch and simply relax during the break.

Dress – Casual and comfy, and please bring a water bottle.

Private Sessions – Lisa reserves 1 day prior to class and 1 day following class for students who would like to receive a private Reiki Drumming treatment from her. If you are interested in experiencing a personal 90 minute session please call in advance to schedule your appointment. 801-360-6909  (Treatment fee is $80)

Directions –  All classes are taught in Lisa’s “Healing Light Home” specifically built to create a fun, safe, and nurturing learning environment for students. The address is 145 South 200 East, Lindon Utah, 84042. Exact directions are as follows: From I-15 take freeway exit #273. Turn East and drive 1.3 miles to State Street. Turn left and drive North .06 mile to 2000 North (lighted intersection) Turn right and drive 1 block taking first left.  Healing Light Home is first house on the right. (Large pinkish brick home with chandelier window)

You must register by calling Lisa directly at (801) 360-6909 or register online.

Click here to register for the class.

Reiki Drumming

Reiki Drumming affects the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies simultaneously, helping to bring  them into harmony while raising the vibratory rate to levels that may allow the body to accelerate its innate healing abilities. Drumming reminds our body of its ideal vibratory rate, which is in harmony with the pulse of the earth and the Universal flow of creation.

Reiki Drumming introduces methods to enhance the power to send Reiki at a distance, as well as to strengthen the vibration of the peace ray on the planet, while assisting in harmonizing our human consciousness with the Earth.

We connect directly with the Heart and the Mind of the Divine when we access Reiki energy. Drumming is also a way to align with Divine, as has been experienced since ancient times, through native spiritual, and shamanic healing practices.

Scientific Study

Scientific studies related to the effect that sound has on matter are relatively new, yet we are already learning that sound does alter matter. Swiss scientist, Dr. Hauns Jenny demonstrated how various substances such as sand; plastics and liquid would take on a particular shape and form when various sound waves were passed through them. These experiments indicate that sound has the ability to affect and change the molecular structure of matter.

Striking any material will cause it to vibrate, and this can have an effect on nearby objects by creating a sympathetic response. When a drum is played, the drum head will vibrate causing the nearby molecules of air to vibrate. The vibrating molecules of air will strike other nearby molecules of air and continue on. This is known as a sound wave. This wave will continue and pass through the client you are drumming for, causing the molecules composing their body to sympathetically respond with vibration. When done with a therapeutic intention, the vibration produced will be healthy and will displace any vibrations of disease, which may be present in the client.

Medical Study

A medical research study indicates that group drumming boost the immune system. Published in the January, 2001, issue of Larry Dossey’s Alternative Therapies, the ground-breaking study was performed at Meadville Medical Center’s Mind-Body Wellness Center, by a team of MDs using control groups and blood test.

Led by well-known researcher, author and cancer expert Barry Bittman, MD, CEO of Meadville Medical Center’s Mind-Body Wellness Center in Meadville, PA, the study shows that group drumming actually increases cancer-killing (NK) cells which help the body combat not only cancer but other viruses, including AIDS. Group drumming tunes our biology, orchestrates our immunity, and enables healing to begin. When our hands connect with a drum that vibrates with our energy, vitality, and unity we become whole again.

Drumming has also been used successfully with Alzheimer’s patients to focus attention, with war veterans to end trauma, with addicts in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, and with prison and homeless populations to enhance self-esteem. Progressive corporations like Motorola, AT&T, and Levi-Strauss have drummed with middle management to promote team-spirit building.